Sunday, March 19, 2017

Top 10 Bioinformatics Resources for Students to Get Started

  1.  The NCBI Help Manual
    • for using BLAST, PubMed, and Entrez
  2. Rosalind
    • for hands on python learning and practice bioinformatics problems
  3. Tutorials Point for Python
    • all the basics of python
  4. 100 + Challenging Python Exercises
    • To master the python language in practice
  5. Ryans Tutorials on Linux Systems
    • for starting on linux
  6. Linux CheatSheet
    • an easy reference
  7.  Introduction into Bioinformatics by Lesk (pick most current version you can afford)
    • to understand some of the fundamental algorithms used in bioinformatics
  8.  The Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
  9. The Blog that Plays Music and Teaches You Algorithms
    • learn what many algorithms and data structures are for so you can use them when needed for a project
  10. A Guide to Bioinformatics Self Learning
    • MIT based courses on Bioinformatics

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